Why ‘Kamli’ songs are named after elements of nature? Sarmad Khoosat explains

Kamli has been ruling over hearts since its release on June 3 across Pakistan thanks to the film’s stunning cast and Sarmad Khoosat’s flawless direction.

In addition to the captivating storyline, the titles of the movie’s songs have also left fans’ curious as the filmmaker named songs are named after elements of nature like fire, water, etc.

During his recent conversation with Geo Digital, the well-acclaimed director dished out the reason he chose interesting titles for the songs.

Khoosat expressed that stories reflect the life and one needs elements to reflect life. The movie also reflects the wonders of fire, air, water and earth.

Khoosat shared that among the melodious songs of the movie, he’s in awe of the track sung by folk singer Reshma.

The famed director expressed sheer delightedness to see Saba Qamar, Nimra Bucha and Sania Saeed perform together on screen.

Talking about the location of the film, Khoosat said that the setting of the story was such that the location of Kallar Kahar was chosen as the backdrop.

The location, which falls in the centre while travelling from Lahore to Islamabad on the motorway, has attracted the director.

“These mountains are neither as high as the northern areas of Pakistan nor are they surrounded by more greenery, lakes, dry trees and there’s serenity in the distance,” he said.

Referring to the difficulties encountered during the shooting of the film, Khoosat said, “Filming outdoors, I had to trek for one and a half hours daily and when the shoot was over, I used to look at the mountain and think that some magic would take me back.”

“The place was such that you could not even ride a bicycle, so we had to travel on foot, but none of the team, including the cast, never complained about it,” he said.

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