Aamir Liaquat had reconciliation plans with Dania Malik

Popular television host Aamir Liaquat’s sudden death has sent shock waves in the TV industry.

After his death, his third ex-wife Dania Malik revealed that Hussain had asked her to reconcile before his untimely death.

Taking to her Instagram Story, Malik claimed that she learned about her former husband’s passing through media and also shared that his personal assistant had asked her to reconcile with the host.

She wrote, “The media informed me of the news of his passing and it broke me to pieces, That’s because Aamir Liaquat’s personal assistant contacted me a few days ago about the possibility of reconciliation and I, in turn, agreed.”

Malik added, “But he ended up leaving me a widow in the end. May Allah elevate the standing of my late husband.”

Aamir Liaquat was found unconscious at his residence and declared dead upon his arrival in the hospital. He was 50.

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